What are Sightseeing Running Tours?

Are those that combines a physical activity like running with tourism.

This running tours not only allows you to go through routes that you don’t usually visit on the regular tourism, it also gives you the opportunity to see unique landscapes, which combining with our personalized service, will generate an unforgettable touring experience.  running tours is the best way to enjoy with family or friends and allows us to do slowly and fun physical activity which leads to a healthier life and an totally different way of touring.

Running Tours consists of small groups of travelers that run with an experienced Lead Runner from a local tourism company through the popular touristic sites in each city, providing the opportunity to learn and know in a different way the culture of a touristic destination. It’s a way to travel in a fun and healthy way!  Pointing to a healthy life and unforgettable trips, So Let’s go Running!


Our running tours in Guatemala